Writing Music, Or A Lack Thereof

Writing music is an eternal question. Sometimes all I want to do is close Chrome, open iTunes, fill myself up with music and write.

However, what typically happens about ten minutes after this is that I realize my mind is being clogged up and I rip out the earbuds and discover how blissful silence is. But inevitably, the next time I go to write I find myself back in iTunes, carefully constructing a playlist of the perfect ambient tracks believing that this time I’ll actually listen to the whole thing.

I cant listen to music while I write. It distracts me. Not just the words, because I normally go for trance or ambient music – 7+ minutes of instrumental synth – so as to leave my mind uncluttered. I think the reason is that I listen to music primarily as writing inspiration. Basically, I don’t have inspirational writing music, I have inspirational plotting music.

More or less all the time I spend listening to music – walking to class, home, driving – is spent plotting. I don’t like just listening to music to fill up space, if music I like is on I’m thinking about character and mood. I think it’s this that has made me unable to listen to music while writing.

What about you? What are your perfect writing songs or artists? Do you listen to music while writing at all?