When a Book Has Lot of Covers

And most do, thanks to overseas distribution and additional editions. UK, US, US 2nd Printing, UK second printing, etc. As someone interested in book covers and designs they’re an interesting thing to consider. 


Here’s Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, and several editions:


Guess which book I’m currently reading.

Across these covers you see different approaches to marketing the book – to teens, to adults, as a standalone, as a series. This interview talks about the book’s rebranding from a more adult focused book (1st cover on the left) to a young adult one (3rd green one).

My copy is the green cover, and honestly it’s my favorite….despite my not being of YA age (what is YA age?). However, I agree that it doesn’t exactly match the contents of the book. You might expect a love triangle, teenagers, and teenager problems where this book is geared towards different themes. But I was delighted that after I picked it up, I read the description and it actually sounded interesting. The cover grabbed me, and where the description to something more typically YA (a Matched, a Hush Hush) might have had me putting that book back on the shelf, this one I bought. 


I like the original cover, but to me it’s more ambiguous. Initially to me it read ancient – Greek or Roman – despite the fact that it’s just a picture of a woman in a cape. I like the second cover from the left perhaps more in theory than execution. The purple one, fourth from the left, is an internet favorite (based on the mass amount of research I put into this) but to me it looks a bit busy. And the other two are fine but don’t grab me. The last one especially wouldn’t have intrigued me to see what the book is about. 


We judge books by their covers. Even if it’s the same content underneath. Which cover is your favorite?


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