Titles Tropes – Verbed

Single word titles are timeless, uncomplicated and to the point. Somehow, within the confines of one word titles trends exist. One of these is especially popular in YA, Verbed.

A small selection, I assure you.

A small selection, I assure you. Click for larger view.

Verbed is where you take any random word and add –ed. Maybe it makes sense, a la Haunted or Twisted. Maybe it mostly doesn’t – see Amped and Starkissed (definitely both words, but what does it mean to be ‘amped’?? I’m guessing like pumped up? I’m learning).

The Verbed title wants to answer the question, “what’s up with this story?” “Oh, it’s Scarred. Or Twisted. Haunted.” What have you. It’s straight up, direct and tries to lend that straight up directness to the rest of the story. Want to be edgy? In the know? Verbed is right for you. But act fast, interesting words to add -ed to are running out. All the cool words have been taken and we’re left with scraps. Hmm, “Scrapped?” The -ed adds gravitas, people.


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